Because everyone has opinions, who doesn’t love giving their options on these type of lists? Who will be the NBA’s best players in the 2020-21 season? While making these choices, we took into consideration ESPN’s new scoring system, which you can review here. Top 100 NBA Players of 2021 Sports Illustrated - Robin Lundberg. [SI] Top 100 NBA Players of 2021. Without further ado, here are my top 25 players in the NBA going into the 2021 season. Having seen and posted ESPN’s full list from a few days ago, we found that Sports Illustrated’s list is a much more thoughtful and accurate representation of the best players in the league. Below is a … Go. Whether it’s a 10-team league, a 12-team league, even 14 teams, the DKN top 100 rankings will come in handy. Yes, that’s four years from now. ESPN ranks top NBA players for 2021 season. Jan 17, 2010 25,471 5,017 113. I generally found most of the list plausible but some questionable ones were rudy gobert at 16 and Murray being above Mitchell and Booker, despite being a small gap. Next Last. 5 5. comments. Earlier this summer, 10 SB Nation writers decided to predict the 101 best NBA players in 2021. Thread starter TheDude41; Start date Dec 22, 2020; 1; 2; Next. NBA draft rankings: Top 100 players in this stacked class. Again, to the surprise of no one, LeBron James and Anthony Davis both cracked the top five but it was a little shocking to see them in the top two spots as both are ranked ahead of two-time NBA MVP … ESPN has released their annual list of who they believe are the top 100 players for the 2020-2021 NBA season and, to nobody’s surprise, the Los Angeles Lakers are well-represented. Gold Member. No, none of us are remotely qualified to see basketball’s future. Sports Illustrated‘s Top 100 list returns, aiming to answer that question. Our experts update their rankings of the 100 best prospects in the 2021 NBA draft class. Anthony Davis 3... RLong68 Well-Known Member. Gold Member. This list is certainly better than ESPN's. Compare your NBA player ratings and build the best Fantasy Basketball team! SB Nation's NBA player rankings for 2021. Consensus Top 100 players for 2020-2021 WHAT: Looking at all the Top 100 lists and I wanted to see how they all compared so I've combined the "best" four Top 100 lists I could find (ESPN, CBS, Sports Illustrated, NBA 2K) into a consensus list. Lebron James 2. Fellow freshman BJ Boston and Terrence Clarke were also listed on ESPN’s top 100 list. NBA Top 100 player rankings: LeBron James holds off Kawhi, Giannis for No. Nov 5, 2008 102,040 Dec 22, 2020 #1 Top 10 1. TheDude41 Well-Known Member. 1 of 2 Go to page. SI’s Top 100 NBA Players of 2021. Follow SB Nation all week as it unveils its predictions for who ends up as the top 101 players in the NBA for years from now.